Insightful consultants, dynamic facilitators

What we're practicing

Laura Scott, director of the Center for Leadership & Organizational Change, talks about some of the exciting ways CLOC can help the University of Maryland community realize its potential.

What we're doing

CLOC consultants designed and facilitated community vision sessions and key stakeholder discussions as part of the university's Strategic Plan Update. Take a look at a summary of the good and thought-provoking ideas we collected about the university’s collective future. A short video shows you our process.

What is just cool

If you work collaboratively with and/or supervise students or other professional staff, join us for a free workshop sponsored by CLOC, “Developing Thriving Organizations: Using Positive Psychology to Help Others Flourish” on Aug. 19. CLOC collaborator Katie Hershey Conlon, M.A., MAPP will share latest findings and applications, and provide opportunities to learn about, discuss, and practice proven methods.


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