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Registration for upcoming Start with Strengths is now open!

Learn more and register here.

  • Registration for February 29, 2024 Start with Strengths closed on February 21st at 5 pm.
  • Registration for April 26, 2024 Start with Strengths opens the end of March.

CLOC has extensive experience helping people discover and learn how to leverage their unique strengths for success and well-being in work, school, and life. Since 2011, we have led sessions for thousands of people. All of CLOC’s CliftonStrengths learning opportunities and coaching sessions are facilitated by one of our Gallup-certified Strengths Coaches.

People who use their strengths every day are:UMD Start with Strengths Logo

  • 6x more likely to be engaged at work
  • 15% less likely to quit their jobs
  • 3x more likely to report having an excellent quality of life

Not only that…

Organizations that focus on employees’ strengths show:

  • 15% higher employee engagement
  • 7% higher customer engagement
  • 29% higher profit

Pricing for our CliftonStrengths programs is here.

See below for details for existing groups, teams, and units.

Start with Strengths is your jumping off point and prerequisite for all other CLOC strengths sessions.

In this 2-hour introductory session, you will:

  • Orient to the philosophy and benefits of a strengths-based approach
  • Develop an understanding of your top 5 strengths and how they manifest
  • Understand how to reframe and manage weaknesses from a strengths perspective
  • Explore how culture, identity, and other contextual factors influence how our strengths are used and perceived

See pricing options here.

Once you’ve completed a Start with Strengths session, you can deepen your understanding and application through our Strengths in Action courses and our Strengths Problem Solving. These group sessions will help you name, claim, and aim your strengths for personal and professional success.

Leveraging Strengths as a Team

  • Explore the individual and collective strengths of your team
  • Strategize ways to maximize strengths to get work done together
  • Learn specific strengths-based techniques you can implement right away

Strengths in Context

  • Examine how contextual factors influence your strengths, how you use them, and how they may be perceived by others
  • Explore how culture and identity may have influenced and continue to influence the development of your strengths
  • Create your personal strengths identity map

Beware the Glare

  • Identify how your strengths could cloud you from seeing the complexities in a situation
  • Create a personal “glare aware” checklist to help you better understand and manage interactions

Strengths and Feedback

  • Use positive and negative feedback to gain insights about your strengths
  • Better understand why and how to give reinforcing feedback (praise) in addition to corrective feedback
  • Give feedback more effectively, using a strength-based approach

Personal Values and Your Strengths

  • Explore the relationship between personal values and strengths
  • Foster inclusion through collective conversation about values, strengths, and personal experiences

Use Your Strengths to Get Things Done

  • Explore how to aim your strengths, and use what comes naturally to you to accomplish your goals
  • Better understand how to manage weaknesses by calling on complementary partners

Strengths Problem-Solving

  • 90-minute facilitated session to help teams aim their strengths to solve problems

See pricing options here.

Through individual coaching sessions, our Gallup-certified Strengths Coaches help you harness the power of your signature strengths to solve problems and develop possibilities in your personal and professional life.

See pricing options here.

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