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Thriving Workplace Engagement surveys in multiple languages

Culture Change Implementation

From 2016 to 2020, CLOC partnered with the President’s Office to design, develop, and deliver the Thriving Workplace Initiative. 

The Initiative aimed to create and influence a culture of engagement and inclusion across the University  where every faculty and staff member felt a sense of connection and commitment to their work, with their colleagues, and throughout the institution.

The Initiative began in 2016 and had broad reach and success. Highlights include:

  • 3 campus-wide surveys, employing Gallup’s engagement and inclusion indices, each with over 6,000 participants (54-65% response rates)
  • 3,000+ faculty and staff engaged in conversation and action-planning around survey results
  • 1,500+ faculty and staff engaged in robust  learning and development programs to build a thriving workplace
  • 2,500+ faculty and staff took the CliftonStrengths assessment and participated in individual and team learning sessions

In August 2020, the Thriving Workplace Initiative was sunsetted by the President’s Office in order to implement the new President’s TerrapinSTRONG initiative.

CLOC continues to offer Thrive Thursday, Fierce Conversations, and CliftonStrengths programs.

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