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Strategic Planning and Strategic Doing

Strategic planning that works

CLOC consultants will support you in the creation of a strategic plan that engages your group, clearly outlines your unit’s destination, and opens new possibilities. Our processes:

  • Demand bold thinking
  • Consciously align with broader organizational goals
  • Provide tangible outcomes

A solid process engages all members of the organization in its creation and implementation. As such, strategic planning is both a process and an outcome that can have substantial impact on the culture of an organization.

We do strategic planning in two ways:

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Classic strategic planning

This approach is ideal for units with fairly structured hierarchies and results in a concrete planning document. This process considers the external environment and context; include the articulation or refinement of values, mission, and vision statements; and involves stakeholder analysis, input, and feedback. This is generally a longer, more complex process.

CLOC can be engaged in your strategic planning process at a number of levels from comprehensive project design and assistance to involvement in key portions such as stakeholder analysis/data gathering, or facilitation of small and large group interactions. Contact us to learn more.

We also offer strategic planning guidance, expert technical advice on starting or trouble-shooting your strategic planning effort. We provide 5 hours of consultation for $1,000. Payment is due prior to beginning our work together. 

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Strategic Doing (TM)

  • ideal for more open, loosely connected networks
  • collects and connects people and resources in new and highly participatory ways
  • more fluid process that is flexible and open to modification
  • focuses iterative actions on a framing question or goal
  • has built-in checkpoints to assess progress
  • can be implemented quickly

We’re also able to combine the two approaches. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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