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Team Development

  • Is your team expending significant energy griping instead of being productive?
  • Are team members silent when asked for opinions?
  • Does your team seem unfocused or unclear about its agenda or purpose?
  • Does death by meeting sound familiar?

Team building is an over-used term that can describe a superficial process. Team development does not use off-the-shelf team building activities or games; we won't ask you to fall back into each other's arms or sing "Kumbaya." Our process is customized to build effectiveness by advancing a team from where they are to where they need to be.

Questions frequently addressed:

  • How much trust is there within the group? 
  • Are roles and responsibilities understood and are they defined in a way that gets the best results? 
  • Does the team acknowledge and affirm the diversity in the group, recognizing how these differences contribute to group dynamics? 
  • Do members understand each other's personal styles and temperaments so they can maximize strengths and improve communication patterns?
  • Can the team laugh together?

Using this information, we design processes that honor every perspective. We help teams acknowledge past issues and address them in a way that frees them to move forward, bringing the group to a collective commitment with improved trust and better communication.

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