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Conflict Management

  • Is there is a general sense of discomfort without a clear reason why?
  • Is the tension palpable?
  • Are agreements not being implemented because people aren't committed to them?
  • Are there important matters that don't get discussed because they are too close to some longstanding unresolved conflict?
  • Are there people who refuse to move on after there are reasonable opportunities to air concerns and attempt resolution?

The CLOC approach to conflict management is grounded in developing common understanding through encouraging courageous conversations. We help participants identify root causes and then move toward resolution using an exploratory and trust-building approach. CLOC consultants strive to move people's energy in a positive, constructive direction.

Some activities CLOC may employ:

  • Skill-building, including constructive confrontation and improved listening
  • Making agreements about how issues will be addressed in the future
  • Developing an understanding of the ways that personal styles and temperament affect communication
  • Building knowledge about the unconscious neurological facets of conflict and how to manage them
  • Setting up new systems to improve communication
  • Building an appreciation of how differences—the multiple dimensions of diversity—come into play
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