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Supervisor Support and Development

The best supervisors maximize the potential of those they supervise. Additionally, research from Gallup reports “a staggering 70% of the variation between great workplace engagement and lousy workplace engagement can be explained just by the quality of the manager or team leader” (Clifton, “It’s the Manager,” 2019).

If you supervise one or hundreds of employees, CLOC can help you hone your skills to bring out the best in your group.

Clifton Strengths Team Map Graphic

Leveraging Strengths for You & Your Team

This combination supervisor coaching and team development session helps individuals learn about their unique CliftonStrengths profile and how to harness individual talents for group success. Package includes access to the CliftonStrengths inventory for all participants, introductory coaching meeting for the supervisor, team learning session, and closing coaching meeting for the supervisor.

“This session is well-designed, practical, and very effective.”

Aligning with Strengths

A 3-session coaching package for a supervisor and supervisee to align their relationship and their work to maximize their strengths. This program is designed to assist pairs that are experiencing friction as well as those that would like to deepen an already strong relationship. Package includes one individual session each with the supervisee and supervisor, and one session with both together. 


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