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Learning Programs

Continuous learning is what brings meaning to our lives and focus to our work. When we continually develop our skills and refresh our knowledge and attitudes, we approach each day of work more purposefully and effectively. CLOC provides developmental opportunities for faculty and staff across our campus to refresh, recharge, and reengage.

We offer fresh ideas and actionable strategies for flourishing at work through 90-minute sessions you can select from our Learning & Development Catalog.

You can also choose from our programs listed below.

Thrive Thursday logo

Thrive Thursday: Free, 90-minute learning sessions covering a variety of topics—from building resilience to having tough conversations—give you the skills to create a thriving workplace.

The insights and tips gained were great. Looking forward to putting these to use in the workplace.

Sharpen My Saw logo

Sharpen My Saw: In this 10-month program, participants hone skills, problem solve, discover opportunities, and build community with a cohort of colleagues with similar roles and responsibilities. Comes complete with support and radical candor. Applications for the year-long program become available in early May. Year-long cost: $875.

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Thank you for creating one of the most satisfying and supportive communities I have been a part of in my 18 years at Maryland.

Start with Strengths logo

Start with Strengths: This interactive session demonstrates how a strengths-based approach can lead to success in work and life. You’ll identify your top five strengths through the CliftonStrengths assessment and learn how to leverage them to accomplish your professional goals. 

A perfect balance of personal reflection, interacting with other participants, and listening to/learning from the facilitator. I'm REALLY glad I was there.

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